Syntronix Corporation


Syntronix was founded in 2001 as a dedicated IC and system level development company. Syntronix was in alliance with the major foundry providers and leading design companies to develop advanced process logic IC and Mixed-Signal IP. By tightly incorporating with assembly/testing vendors, Syntronix is able to provide the customers one stop solution with a customized vertical-integration design methodology and turn-key service.

Syntronix has transformed the business type to design, develop and sales of MCU and Wireless SoC products in 2010. Syntronix was in alliance with world’s leading companies to develop MCU products, integrates Radio Frequency circuits, CPU and peripheral components on a single SoC. These products are widely adopted in PC, Game Console & Audio/ Visual Equipment.

Fallow the coming period of IoT, Syntronix keeps developing Bluetooth Low Energy SoC, and complete the qualification and the declaration process of Bluetooth 5.0 in July, 2017.

Syntronix has an efficient R&D team with most sophisticated design skills and rich cooperative experiences with Japanese customers. Besides, Syntronix has also consolidated the production technology from different vendors and formed a vertical production alliance to provide the best price and shortest turn-around-time to the worldwide customers. These top quality ICs have widely been used in many of the famous name brand products you can easily found in the market. As the goal, Syntronix is aiming to be a leading company to provide customers with the best customized IC product, solution and satisfaction.