Smart Home APP

User-Friedly Interface

The Smart Home APP is not only building with user-friendly interface, but also makes smart home control much easier for all ages of user. Bridging the Digital Divide!

Multiple Devices

The Smart Home APP supports a variety of devices, including lighting, socket, extension cord, electric fan, air conditioner, TV, curtain, door lock, remote control, gateway, sensor, projector, motorcycle lock, safe, etc. All devices can be controlled via smart control system. “Smart Home APP” makes smart home truly smart.


Through the Smart Home APP, users can control any smart devices from anywhere. Users can also control single/group of devices with voice/setting timer/panel.  Besides, if linking with smart sensors, these devices can reply the environment data including temperature/ humidity/ carbon dioxide/ gas / water leakage/ security to the Smart Home APP at any time. When an accident occurs, smart home app will send notifications to users immediately for home security.

Scene Linkage

The Smart Home APP supports users’ smart life requirement. With the Smart Scenes, users are able to control the states of different devices all at once.

Automatic Pairing

Level up the house with one simple Smart Home APP. There are two built-in pairing modes in the APP. Users can choose to manually pair a single device or automatically pair multiple devices. It takes less than 2 minutes to setting up.

Bluetooth Mesh

The Smart Home APP is equipped with excellent Bluetooth Mesh, which not only achieves fast transmission, low latency, and high stability, but also realizes many to many transmissions. All smart devices can be added or removed from the network at any time. This makes it a good protocol for building automation and control system.

Dual Platform

The connection speed of the Smart Home APP is fast and stable. It only takes 5 seconds to open the app and starts control all device. In addition, the Smart Home APP supports both iOS & Android (include Android TV) system.

Family Sharing

Just choose the setting file you want to share, and send it via Bluetooth, email, or even communication software. It helps family members saving setup time and allows everyone to enjoy smart life quickly.