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Christmas Magic! Upgrade To Smart Dimmer In One Day!

In December 2020, Mr. H the GM of L Company, which is a lighting company in Shenzhen, looked up that Bluetooth module and Smart Home APP of Syntronix could speed up development process of smart devices online. Therefore, Mr. H visited the Shenzhen office of Syntronix and hoped to make their dimmers be smart with Bluetooth module.

Mr. H said that their products include lighting, infrared and LED driver power supplies, etc. L company’s products was sold to China, Japan, US, Europe and Southeast Asia. Because of the smart lighting market is thriving, they want to develop smart dimmer to increase market share.

L Company’s dimmers were controlled manually, but it hoped that dimmers could be controlled and adjust lights remotely by smartphone app to enhance competitiveness of product. However, for traditional manufacturers, development of smart devices is costly and time-consuming due to the lack of talents and technology. But it only takes less than a day to upgrade to smart dimmer with the Bluetooth module of Syntronix. What an amazing magic!

At 6pm on 24 December 2020, on the Christmas Eve, our engineers received a Christmas gift that is a sample of dimmers from L Company in China. Engineers of Syntronix confirmed the sample architecture with Mr. H immediately and tested the dimmers with the Bluetooth module & Smart Home APP, and completed the test at 11am on 25 December. After our engineers completed the test, they took a video of the test and sent it back to Mr. H to confirm that the test results met the customer’s requirements.

In just 17 hours, Syntronix resolved the customer’s problem and delivered the good news to L Company in time for Christmas. Because our positive attitude and total solution services, L Company was very satisfied with the outcome of cooperation. L Company was already placing an order for Bluetooth modules, which Syntronix had shipped out in 2021. The cooperation is expected to speed up the development of smart lighting.

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