Smart Home Platform

Syntronix Smart Home Platform is composed of BLE 5.0 Mesh Bluetooth module and Smart Home APP. Using BLE 5.0 Mesh Bluetooth Module can helps speed up the development process of smart home product, and upgrades devices to smart devices quickly.

Support A Variety Of Smart Speakers

The Smart Home Platform supports a variety of smart speakers, such as Google, Mijia Xiao Ai, Tmall Genie, Xiaodu, etc. It makes smart life more convenient by the cross-brand voice control. Moreover, users can also control single/group of devices with remote control and setting timer via Smart Home Platform to simplify the smart home experience.

BLE Mesh Can Many To Many Transmission

Syntronix Bluetooth module use BLE 5.0 Mesh technology. When smart devices are combined with Bluetooth modules, users can control their smart home by Bluetooth through their mobile phones instead of internet or gateway in home. Advantages of the Bluetooth module include low power, long-distance transmission, High-speed transmission, low latency and high security. Furthermore, BLE Mesh enables one-to-many or many-to-many transmission and allows the network to be unaffected when one device fails. All smart devices can be added or removed from the network at any time, providing a better transmission quality.

Smart Home Platform provides total solution services & user-friendly interface and supports both iOS & Android (include Android TV) system. It also supports a variety of smart speakers, such as Google, Mijia Xiao Ai, Tmall Genie, Xiaodu and so on. Smart Home Platform supplies cross-brand and cross-language voice control, and helps manufacturers to speed up development process. It makes users to control smart home easier and to live smarter.

BLE 5.0 IC

BLE 5.0 Module

Smart Home APP